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Kitchen Gia & Little Smiles Fundraiser

Perelman Location Feb 9-14, 2015

To the friends and family of Kitchen Gia,

Little Smiles is a volunteer driven, non-profit 501(c)3 children’s charity. Our mission is to help kids in local hospitals, hospices, shelters and other like facilities. With the guidance of local professionals such as doctors, nurses, child life specialists and social workers, we strive to help kids escape their unfortunate circumstances, even if only for a short period of time. The daily routine of a child who has been hospitalized typically consists of ongoing medication regimens, needles, various medical treatments and countless hours spent, sometimes alone, in a hospital room. This is why Little Smiles has established an online database that allows the facility professionals to make requests specific to a child’s needs. Through this direct interaction, we are able to respond locally by being hands-on and immediate. Our ultimate goal is to brighten a child’s day and allow them to just be a kid again.

Below are some pics from the our event!

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